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Omnidirectional Personal VR Treadmill

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Kat Walk C

Personal VR Treadmill

by Objective Reality Studios

Discover how fun and effective at-home fitness can be when you bring home Kat Walk C, the world's first omnidirectional VR treadmill. It's an immersive gaming experience that's so fun, you'll forget you're working out!

Get your Kat Walk C VR Treadmill today for $1,499 (or as low as $45 per month)




VR/PC Integrated Control Panel with Adjustable Settings

Our dedicated software is integrated both with your computer desktop and VR headset to ensure quick and easy access to all of the KAT Walk C's adjustable parameters that allow for system adaptation to your gaming habits.

Dedicated Footwear Included

  • Anti-Slip Straps

  • Customizable Friction

  • High Breathability

Unrestrictive & Body-Adaptive Waist Harness

  • Natural Walking Posture Support

  • Reverse-Tightening System

  • Extra Pitch DOF

  • Spine-Adaptive Harness

Complete Algorithm System Optimized for Gaming

  • Independent Head and Body Directions for Increased Realism

  • Low Latency for Deepened Immersion

  • Accurate Foot Location Tracking for Highly Precise Actions

Gamer, Home & Pocket Friendly

  • Moderately Priced

  • Optimized for Personal Use

  • Small and Lightweight

  • User-Adaptive

  • Easy to Assemble & Dismantle

  • Easy to Store & Maintain

High Freedom in Motion

Unleash your full physical capabilities for it's time to bring your body into play! With an open and unrestrictive construction, KAT Walk C unlocks a wide variety of vertical and horizontal actions.

Universal Compability

KAT Walk C is a complete plug & play solution that's compatible with each free-locomotion game on all major platforms. Use it for unparalleled gaming experience with a VR setup of your choice - KAT Walk C supports almost any Virtual Reality headset available.

Uniquely Designed for Fitness and Gaming

Makes your VR game a total body workout, Lots of games to choose from!

Convenient and Easy to Use, Work out on your own schedule

Affordable (Payments as Low as $45/mo)

Fun and challenging VR exercise games make you forget you're working out!