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"I think if there was a system that could keep students engaged to lectures and grade them if they tried to leave early or like an attendance grade"

-Elementary School Principal

VR Classroom

Making anywhere the perfect environment for learning

Objective Reality Studios, in collaboration with Knoxlabs, is creating the first VR experience compatible with all web-based e-learning platforms. We are not looking to replace any web-based learning, only to enhance the experience of the at-home student. Our studies have shown that students are more able to focus and learn while in the virtual environment. Effectively separating home from school and giving them the ability to feel as though they are back in the classroom. 



The VR classroom brings people together again! Our studies have shown that overwhelmingly, the piece missing from at-home learning is the ability to interact with fellow students. Whether to collaborate on a project or just to socialize. We are social beings and need human interaction to form a well-rounded view of our world.  

"I see tremendous value in immersive, realistic simulations during remote learning. Mental health is a critical part of the whole child. The closer the student feels to being with fellow classmates, the more in touch with reality through relationships and closeness to peers. Corners should not be cut when it comes to the mental health & emotional well-being of our students!"

-High School Science Teacher

Chillicothe students test out virtual reality classroom   10tv com
Objective Reality Games

Chillicothe students test out virtual reality classroom 10tv com