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What Are VR Solutions?

As business and industrial needs grow ever more complex on an increasingly remote stage, we provide our customers with the ability to use VR like never before to meet business needs. From VR classrooms to live-fire Military exercises, our all-inclusive products provide software, headsets, locomotion technology, and more in a variety of packaging solutions that are ready for use on day one of implementation, without difficult system implementations or labor-intensive training requirements.

Government Applications

Rather for local operational training or for use in realistic live-fire exercises for the Military, our products allow for safe, but realistic simulations for every type of government application.  Our software design team tailors programs using the entire spectrum of VR, AR, and XR technology to create the appropriate training environment for your team on any platform.

VR for the Classroom

The world of education has changed forever in our new post-COVID-19 world.  As the classroom continues to move more and more toward the online platform, functionality, and ease of use continue to be the primary struggles for educators and students alike.  Our one of a kind VR classroom brings students into an interactive environment that is as tactile and easy to use as being in school.  Likewise, the Educator interface allows teachers and professors alike to focus on education, rather than technology, by making interactions such as retrieving a research paper as easy as picking up an item from the inbox at their desk, literally. 

VR in Industry

In the industrial field, an employee is only as good as the training they receive. Our team of software designers is constantly working to create unique and effective training modules for employees across all industries. By combining these training scenarios with VR locomotion or AR on-site training, employees can actually perform a variety of work tasks that might otherwise prove counterproductive to production processes while receiving proficiency feedback in order to 100% accuracy and efficiency at their workstation.

VR Meditation Through Healium

As an authorized distributor of Healium software, Objective Reality Studios offers the first clinically validated mental fitness channel that uses virtual and augmented reality apps for the self-management of stress and anxiety.  Healium is the world’s first virtual and augmented reality media channel powered by brainwaves and heart rate, which teaches patients to manage their stress and anxiety through guided VR exercises and meditation.


From our beginnings as Objective Reality Games VR Arcade and Escape Room, we are experts in fun and recreation in VR.  We offer products that range from turnkey business solutions for VR arcades and E-Sports Arenas to venue conversions from static VR to VR locomotion through our range of KatWalk VR products. Gaming is our passion and we are passionate about finding the right solutions for you!

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