Our design studio grew from our passion to create exceptional content. With over 2 years in operation as a virtual reality escape room and arcade company, we understand the VR gaming market. We had the dream to start our own video game design studio, then COVID hit. Over the past year we have been working exclusively remote. We had to think outside the box and find solutions to problems facing everyone today in order to be successful and effective as a team. Our first VR game, Deed of Deception will be launching on Kickstarter in early May of 2021. We are also working on training simulators for the military and school system as well as a virtual reality classroom experience.
Our focus is narrowed to virtual reality development and design. In this field we are currently working on several projects, both in gaming as well as practical application solutions for the public and private sector. We intend to market as a one stop solution for all things VR. We can take your project from concept to market or we can contract to a project and code VR accessibility and functionality to any current project or product. We are also equipped through our software to collaborate with an indie developer looking for some extra help to meet a deadline or facilitate a launch.

We make it our mission to work with the most cutting edge technology in the VR space. We are presently programming and designing software to take advantage of the Omni-directional treadmill in beta testing around the world. We feel this technology has the potential to immerse the user into a VR environment/game to an almost real world like experience. We have a partnership with one of the leading producers in this space and will be able to offer to our end user ahead of most others in the market. We also feel strongly about the haptic feedback technology and have solid coding and programming for incorporating this tech into your build as well. There are a few other developments on the horizon we are watching. Just follow us to find out more!