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We custom design practical solutions for the public and private sectors.

Our mission is to deliver the most cutting-edge technology in the VR space. Current projects include training simulators for the military, virtual reality classroom experiences, omnidirectional treadmill software development, revenue-building VR technology solutions for arcade and escape room owners and the advancement of haptic feedback technology. In addition, we are bringing our first VR game, “Deed of Deception” to market in 2021.




VR Design Solutions

Whether you're trying to solve a problem in game design, engineering, manufacturing, education, defense, or healthcare, our experienced team of programmers, graphic artists, and 3-D modelers are here to help. VR is increasingly being used by organizations across the public and private sectors to train employees, teach complex ideas, create virtual meeting rooms and classrooms for better collaboration, and to improve corporate wellness and productivity. 


VR Products

We make it our business to work with the most cutting-edge technology available. We are currently coding and working extensively with the Omni-directional trackpad system as well as haptic feedback vest technology. We can incorporate these state-of-the-art technologies into your product or solution and offer a level of immersion unthinkable until now.


Turn-Key VR Arcade

Our Turn-Key VR Arcade provides escape room and Arcade owners with an affordable solution for adding location-based VR experiences to their game room. As owners of the first VR escape room, we understand the unique needs of arcade owners and are ready to help you make your dream of operating a successful escape room an Objective Reality.


Design Consultation

We Want to Understand Your Needs:

  • We will spend the time to understand your project, your needs, and tailor a solution that will work for you. Our team will work hand in hand with you and your company to ensure we have your input and interest in mind throughout the project. 

  • After completion of our project you will retain rights to all content created therein.

  • We offer cloud storage as well as off site server usage 

Product Specific Solutions

Omni Directional Trackpad:

  • Immerse the client into your Virtual environment, allowing them to walk freely through your home, design, or video game

Haptic Feedback vest:

  • Gives the user real world stimulus to your game. Great adaptive technology for FPS games.

Omni Light:

  • At a fraction of the cost, this system allows the user to wear sensors on the waist and ankles to walk in place and have that relayed into the virtual environment as directional movement. Good for on location design demonstration or in office VR walkthroughs. 

Event Solutions

Create your event in VR:

  • You will be able to sell booths to each vendor and we can add their graphics along with any product specific details needed

  • Multi-platform compatibility. Whether your team or customers are on steam, oculus, or any other VR device, they can connect and interact in your event

  • We handle hosting, troubleshooting, and coordination of speakers, exhibitors, etc.

You have not stopped fighting for your business and neither will we. Let us help you get back in business.



Our FIRST VR Game!


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Our VR arcade streaming service in testing now!

Be on eof the first to play PC VR content without the gaming PC right from your stand alone VR headset!

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